• About Us

    Airport Insights is a provider of advisory services to the airport industry, focusing on

    Market, Financial & Competitive Intelligence

    Airport Insights is a provider of market , financial and competitive intelligence for airports, governments, consultancies and investors. We utilize both primary and secondary research tools to collect the type of qualitative and quantitative data our clients need.


    The areas of market, financial and competitive intelligence gathering that we can cover include airport as well as airport- related sectors such as

    - Airport concession operators (E.g. Retailers and Food & Beverage Operators)

    - Airport real estate developments

    - Airport technology

    - Airlines

    - Airport surface access providers

    - Airport capital development

    - Airport construction


    Airport Commercial Revenues and Space Benchmarking

    Having a vast exposure to airport commercial development projects around the world, Airport Insights is also the one of the leading providers of information on airport commercial revenues.


    We possess sales, income and space data of over 150 airports and airport concessions (duty free retailers, food & beverage , advertisers and car parkers) all over the world, with the sources of our data coming from the public domain as well as from client projects, which are subject to strict confidentiality agreements.


    We take a contextual approach to benchmarking airport commercial revenues and concessions operating space and we do not do apples-to-oranges comparisons. Our benchmarking studies involve a mixture of detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis for all comparable airports covered in any particular benchmarking exercise.


    The data we possess and well as the knowledge we have to read the data based on our understanding and experience with the concession businesses of airports all over the world make us one of the leading experts on benchmarking airport commercial revenues.


    Airport Commercial Space Planning

    Space for commercial activities in airports is scarce and our commercial space planning offer aims to optimize commercial revenues from the limited amount of commercial space in an airport.


    In the course of airport commercial space planning projects, we often come across questions like


    “How much sqm of retail space should be allocated to the Zara store in the airport?”


    “Does it make commercial sense to expand the airport toy-store by 50 sqm?”


    Airport Insights combines its in-house airport commercial space planning model which determines commercial space up to shop level by taking into calculation various commercial and operational factors at the airport along with the real-life professional experience of its experts in order to come up with the best solutions for optimizing airport commercial space.

    Airport Commercial Revenues Due Diligence

    With our understanding of the airport concessions business, we also provide support to lenders, sponsors and investors in the form of identifying the key issues, red flags and bottlenecks facing the airport in terms of commercial revenues development as well as opportunities for improvement of the concessions business.


    Our work here also includes

    - Analyzing and benchmarking airport commercial revenue performance

    - Validating, reviewing and providing commercial revenue related assumptions for financial models,

    - Reviewing commercial space masterplans

  • Our Projects

    Some of the projects we have undertaken so far include

    Asia Pacific Airport Non-Aeronautical Revenues Business Planning

    Airport Insights provided advisory support to a consortium bidding for the concession rights for an airport with 5 million passengers in the Asia-Pacific region. We focused on the non-aeronautical aspects of the business case and 0ur roles include due-diligence, performance reviews and benchmarking as well as the provision of assumptions for financial modelling. We also planned out a forward-looking commercial strategy for the airport to increase non-aeronautical revenues.

    Asia-Pacific Airport Non-Aeronautical Revenues Due Diligence

    Airport Insights provided strong analytical support for the Phase 1 of a due diligence project on the potential acquisition of an airport group in the Asia-Pacific region. The potential for non-aeronautical revenue development for the airport was deeply assessed.

    Airport Commercial Revenues Benchmarking

    Airport Insights has conducted airport commercial revenue performance benchmarking exercises for airport due diligence projects on airports in Latin America, Europe, South Asia as well as East Asia.

    Commercial Space Provisions for an East Asian Airport

    Airport Insights recently advised on duty free, food & beverage and retail space provisions for a major East Asian international hub airport as part of its new masterplan.

    Urban Rail Transport Opportunities Assessment

    Airport Insights conducted a PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental) analysis on the urban rail transport markets in Malaysia and Indonesia in order to understand the business opportunities for a leading heavy industry manufacturer's automated-guided transportation systems.

    Airport Confectionery Study

    On behalf of a client, Airport Insights undertook a qualitative research study (including the undertaking of fieldwork) at a major Chinese international airport in order to understand the views of mainland Chinese passengers with regards to duty free confectionery shopping.

    Arrivals Duty Free Study

    Airport Insights provided a client with an assessment of the status of and opportunities for arrivals duty free among the world's airports as well as conducted exercises benchmarking the financial performance of arrivals duty free programs in six major airports .

    Global Travel Retail Study

    Airport Insights was commissioned by a major player in the travel retail industry to a undertake comprehensive study on the global airport and cruise ships travel retail market as well as the challenges and opportunities in this sector in a particular growth region in Asia.

    Airport Commercial Space Estimates

    As part of a major airport commercial planning project, Airport Insights provided the client with detailed bottom-up estimates of a major competitor airport's commercial space provisions up to category level using publicly available information.

  • Commercial Research Reports

    The Airport Operator Financial Benchmarking Report (US$750)



    Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, airport operators have had difficulty staying in business as maintaining a profit as well as liquidity has become more challenging than ever.


    There is a need to understand the financial health of airport operators before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to identify the best airport managers, which should be in a better position to navigate the airports through the crisis.

    With the above context in mind, The Airport Operator 2019 Financial Heath Report provides a snapshot of the financial health of 100 airport operators around the world using 19 metrics measured across four categories of Productivity & Cost Efficiency, Profitability, Liquidity and Leverage.


    The airport operators handled 4.8 billion passengers at the airports they manage in the 2019 financial year.

    In addition, a series of benchmarks in this 160-page report provides the reader with a detailed insight into the financial health of the 100 airport operators by region, ownership structure as well as scale of operations.


    A sample of the report is available for download.


    Please feel free to enquire more - at mail@airport-insights.com - about The Airport Operator 2019 Financial Health Report, which is available for purchase at US$750.





  • Thoughts, Musings and Ruminations

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